John Barban-Weight loss handles memory problems in women

The researchers are pointed out that the older women to follow for a balanced diet, containing low amounts of fats and sugars, and the resulting loss of weight and get rid of excess kilos, contributes significantly in the treatment of memory problems and improve performance. Visit my Web Pages

The study revealed that the problems and memory disorders of disease problems potentially change and reform once it disappears viewer or causing it, arguing that the loss of weight also contributes to the increased activity of brain regions responsible for memory functions, and enhance the performance of memory in general, which is a is very exciting.
British man invented a kind of chocolate has been described as the first copy of “healthy” chocolate in the world, and stressed that it helps to follow a diet to lose weight.

He stressed that each panel of this chocolate contains 20 calories, which helps from intake to lose weight, and added that “chocolate” developed by containing mixing water with flavors with cocoa graduated chocolate thermal much less about chocolate usual, a free plug-fatty such as butter, cream and gelatin, eggs, and come in different flavors.

Now marketing chocolate are new already in the range of restaurants and five-star hotels in London.
He studied mathematics, that his passion for chocolate since childhood led him to apply the background mathematical and scientific components industry for flavors unique chocolate professionally.


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