Truth About Cellulite-Massage technique for cellulite removal

Of course, it is best if a professional masseur does massage for cellulite removal and it was not in his special knowledge, and that the client at this time is in a relaxed state, and hence the effect will be noticeable. John Barbna the Official Website

But do cupping massage can be successfully and independently. At the beginning of the procedure, it is important to warm up the places from which you will “chase” cellulite.

Put on them (usually the legs, thighs and buttocks) or any other anti-cellulite oil and from the toes gentle pumping movements of the hands work up. Knead, rub, and stroke the problem areas to feel the warmth.

When heating is finished, take a vacuum jar and attach it to the surface of the skin, gently squeeze the sides or top. She should stick to the skin. Massage is done from the bottom up such movements: up / down, circles and zigzags, back straight up / down, when the correct position of the bank should move easily and gently.

If its movement is difficult, it is necessary to release some air out of it, i.e. relieve the pressure.
At first it may seem painful procedure. Despite this it should continue. Length is 30-40 minutes throughout the procedure. Visit my Web Pages

Every day, it should not spend enough 2 or 3 times a week. Too zealous (prolong the procedure or to hold it twice a day) is not necessary, doctors found that such zeal can only harm and even lead to the opposite result.

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