John Barban-Cardio before and after strength training

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Cardio before and after strength training

A very long heating (say 20 minutes of running) finishes with the reserves of glycogen, leaving no energy in the body for strength training that follows.
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Remember that heating should not take more than 5-7 min and the purpose of heating is to make you sweat a little .
The same applies to cardio after strength training: muscles need energy to grow, but if you spend 20 minutes of running, the body can not boot recovery processes and the training result is null.

Why does the body need not muscles?
It is important to remember that the body is fat stores as derived food sources and do not like any of them spend way. Moreover, he believes building muscles a kind of “frivolity” of the body, since this does not need big muscles.
The body produces muscles only in ideal conditions that imply a high caloric intake and decreased physical activity level.

Our bodies simply cannot combine two completely different processes such as the fat burning and muscle production.
The attempt to burn fat and gain muscles in one workout is the most common mistake that flailing in the academies.
By several factors, such processes are mutually exclusive and drills to create mass and to define the muscle should be separated by at least five hours


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