John Barban-Diet low in carbohydrates

This diet has a disadvantage: the amount of calories is not as important as the composition of the food, which should also be monitored.

Type 4: Diet low in carbohydrates
The low-carbohydrate diets involve a full or partial waiver of carbohydrates and are in principle like these that outlines the Kremlin diet, the Atkins diet, the Duran diet, the Kato diet, among others.
The logic is that without carbohydrates, the body begins to burn fat.

Although the theoretical basis of this diet was the most consistent, it has a number of disadvantages, and there are already three consecutive years the British Dietetic Association (British Dietetic Association) says the Duran Diet the most dangerous of all and recommends avoided (1) .

Type 5: Control of nutrients
Control not only calories, but also the composition of meals and the amount of fat, protein and carbohydrates gives us the most reasonable method of diet to change our weight.

Among the most popular diets, which is closest to this type of diet is the Zone.
This type of diet has only one disadvantage: it requires a constant and complete control of the amount of food consumed and its composition.

Not everyone can do it and it is precisely for this reason that people seek simpler methods and believe in “miracle diets”.

Among the infinite variety of diets, only the theoretical foundation have diets low in carbohydrate and diets with controlled intake of nutrients. Taking into account the fact that diets low in carbohydrates can be dangerous, the best option is to control the nutrients.


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