John Barban-How to find an effective diet?

Guide dietsin ALL ABOUT DIETS

Pain types of diets; know the pros and cons of each type. On what principles build the popular Duran and Montana diet? How to find an effective diet?

How to find an effective diet?

Magazines and websites are full of diets that promise quick results and presenting as a logical confirmation some story of a mysterious nutritionist who discovered a “secret single food.”Click here to Learn more.…………Venus Factor

Those trying to find an effective diet without understanding the most basic concepts of metabolism and nutrition, go through difficult times.

The FitSeven is ready to help you: here we started a series of articles which discuss logically the most popular diets.
Kosher food and Vegetarianism

First, we must distinguish the diets resulting from religious cults or moral convictions involving the complete rejection of meat, or the rejection of just a few types of meat, dietary restrictions in certain periods, and so on.

Most of these diets is not meant to alter body weight or are used for aesthetic purposes and, therefore, determine the pros and cons of them does not seem quite right.

As for vegetarianism, FitSeven already wrote that the refusal of the flesh does not necessarily create difficulty in creating muscles.

Type 1: “magic foods”The first type includes all diets which require lists foods “bad” and “good” (e.g., diet Montana), the monodiets (pineapple, certain cereals, etc..), As well as food diets which include with “negative calories”.


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