Venus Factor-Types Diet low in fat

In the overwhelming majority of cases, these diets are nothing more than complete madness that can harm health. The only reason these diets work is that the least control over what we eat is better than no control.

The greatest enemies of the plated food belly
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Type 2: Diet low in fat

The essence of this diet is to limit your fat intake – it allowed only foods that contain small amounts of fat or that contain no fat.

The logic of this diet is that you consume less fat; less fat is deposited in our body.
However, this diet is so dangerous (with a daily intake of 40-60 grams less than the fat significantly worsens our metabolism), as absurd:

if eating low fat yogurt you end up gaining more weight because it is made entirely of sugar.
Type 3: Calorie Restriction

The counting of calories consumed daily can easily be considered the most popular way to lose weight.
There is a lot of communities that offer to monitor your calories with you and the organization Weight Watchers (Weight Watchers) even came to label food in some European countries.

The theoretical basis of this diet is the following: determining your daily calorie intake and establish a moderate deficit (no more than 20%), you will actually lose weight


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