How do you balance between the external food to feed the baby?

Feeding of the most important and the best ways in which the child gets the nutrition of the mother’s, as can be pumped milk and fed the child after him through the bottle, suspended or drip.

It does not need to worry if the child does not suckle from his mother, but they try to give him milk by the cup if it refuses the bottle, while avoiding violence and yelling at the child’s face because would backfire and increase the child stubborn.
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The child must be given at that stage, drink calcium with vitamin D, because the needs of the child in large such that age, the composition of teeth and bones should also be exposed to sunlight 10 minutes a day to activate vitamin D, and can also provide the child a drink of iron so as not to infected blood anemia.

After 9 months, the child is allowed to eat most types of food, with the exception of red meat shall be considered one year, and therefore there is no specific program, but there are general guidelines a child at this stage need to be rich foods (calcium – iron – and protein – vitamins), because it is the stage of growth and development of bones,

teeth, muscles, and the acquisition of skills, but preoccupied with the child’s discovery of the environment around him from eating, but thanks to that eats from 4 to 6 meals instead of 3 times, even in small quantities.

Confirmed that forbade the eating needs to be patience, and repeat attempts without getting bored and without violence with the child, as it should make eating in the form of a game with a child with change and discovery what the child likes to eat.


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