More Information Physical development in children

The child’s skills on the coordination and balance in maintaining the stability and the stability of his steps, and that the child is between 12 and 18 months, will try to control his body while standing or while walking and will also try to sit on a chair or sofa alone.

As a child between 18 and 24 months, it may try to jump in the same place and help his mother in some simple household tasks.

Child starts in the period starting from the year up to three years in accommodating all senses of the five a look begins at the improvement that allows him to see long distances and also begins to distinguish between different sounds and translate its meaning which is important for communication between him and all around him.

The sense of touch is important not only to show the passion of the child but also for his education, for example, to get away from the fire.

Senses of taste and smell are the senses will help the child to identify which foods and foods that he loves does not love her as she had ordered, alerting to the presence of danger, such as the smell of smoke, for example.

Every mother and father should be well aware that the extent of physical development and physical growth differs greatly between the child and another with some constants,
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such as the growth of large muscles before any small muscles of the head and neck muscles by foot and fingers. The mother must also be well aware that the speed of growth of a child may even vary the speed of the growth of his brother.


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