Physical development in children

When the child reaches five months, it will start in the more controlled in the upper part of his body and try to sit alone because the muscles of the neck and back have become more powerful than help him maintain his balance.

There are many children who may skip the crawling stage sometimes fully taking into consideration that the mother must not worry if this happened.
The child’s motor skills determined by the use of small muscle groups and some subtle movements such as constipation
pencil fingers.
A child between 12 and 18 months, trying to hold pens and coloring them on paper, and raise different purposes than on the ground, and threw the ball and knock some purposes to each other.
Best Ideas

On the other hand, the child will begin between 12 and 18 months in the use of a fork and spoon to feed himself with the supervision of his family, as he held the cup to drink it alone and also upset the pages of children’s stories alone.


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