Venus Factor Scam-Coffee reduces neck and shoulder pain

The researchers found that people who drink coffee before sitting down to work in front of a computer for 90 minutes, registering pain less in their necks and shoulders of those who did not, it turns out that this pain less well than those who were suffering previously from aches chronic bagpipes and shoulders.
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The study showed that among people who require their daily lower levels of muscular activity, such as sitting in front of a computer, suffers 10% of the pain in the neck and shoulders, and researcher’s monitored 48 people, including 22 suffering from soreness in chronic neck or shoulder, and 26 a sound.

He chose 19 of the participants in the study have a coffee or tea morning before starting work and after 90 minutes, and the scientists found that people who drank coffee, registered less pain in the neck or shoulder.


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