Joey Atlas Review-Refuses to give pregnant magnesium sulfate

Recent studies have proven that eating “magnesium sulfate” for long periods exceeding 10 days leads to deformities in bones, pointing out that proved that dealt with “magnesium sulfate” leads to a lack of calcium in blood, causing problems with bones of the newborn, as well as to distorted embryos.

There are tips guide for pregnant women before birth to help them overcome that situation, including the continuation of aerobic exercise, which works to train the muscles of the uterus, and to facilitate the birth process, in addition to maintaining a jogging for 60 minutes a day helps to increase women bear and deal with the pain of pregnancy.
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In addition to that some of the doctors who teach women squatting exercises for the birth, which helps to strengthen the pelvic muscles, which increases the flexibility of the vagina during childbirth

She went during labor can put a bag of warm water, which works to relieve pain and muscle extension, stressing that the water is warm, not hot, noting that the massage lasting, circular movements of the lower abdomen, leading to reduce the pain of labor.


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