The reasons for the fall of the members of the women’s swimming and methods of treatment

Many women suffer from the fall of the pelvic organs, and this affects women physically and psychologically. The cases of frequent births, especially obstructed them and cough and chronic constipation,

as well as obesity and transformation physiological hormones at a certain stage of life leads to the relaxation of the ligaments, and the weakness of the pelvic muscles, thereby reducing its support to the pelvic organs, and thus happens the fall of the uterus, vagina and anus, and there are two of the fall of the members of the pelvis:

First, the fall of the uterus in the vaginal cavity, and the second, is the fall of the vagina, and the fall of the mural vagina with bladder “in front of me,” or anal “laid back”, or both, or the fall of the roof of the vagina after hysterectomy may appear in this case the uterus or vaginal wall of opening of the vagina, and subjected pain in the pelvis and lower back, or exposed to the breadth of inter-vaginal,

discomfort during sexual intercourse in some cases can help exercise and physical therapy to strengthen the pelvic muscles, but the patient needed surgical intervention is through this process raise uterus , Repair or inter-vaginal antero-posterior so that we can raise the Mural vagina to return to normal status and narrowing the vagina completely scientifically known as vagino-plasty.
Highful Information

It is also, in some cases we may need to install a network can help raise the pelvic organs, while for women the elderly may resort sometimes to perform a hysterectomy so we recommend women not to neglect so as not to worsen the situation, and go to your physician for any of the symptoms mentioned above .


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