John Barban-Standard daily caloric

First, the formula that defines the standard daily caloric has more than one hundred years.
Secondly, it defines the basic level of metabolism, after the calculation of which is necessary to multiply this value by a factor between 1.3 and 1.75, depending on the level of physical activity.Visit my Personal Blogs Venus Factor Scam

There is no single recommendation for this coefficient, so the accuracy of the formula ends up being destroyed by the method of selecting coefficient: to overestimate or underestimate the level of your physical activity, you may miss the account result in 20-30%.
How many calories are needed per day?
Studies show that daily caloric need varies even among people of the same sex with the same weight, age, body fat percentage and muscle mass, and this variation can be up to 20%.
The reason for this phenomenon is not yet fully unveiled
Before it was thought that the more muscle, more energy was needed to keep them. But it turned out that each pound of muscle needs the order of 15 kcal per day, which is negligible

Yes, strength training can speed up metabolism, but the mechanism that leads to this is still unclear.
That the composition of the food is more important than calorie itself?

Everything that has been written above serves to show you a simple truth: not a lot of logic to count the calories themselves, since the resulting value will be quite conditional.

The actual composition of the food is proteins and carbohydrates, and it is precisely this that one should pay attention.


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