Venus Factor-Expressed in fat burning

Its regular consumption leads to normalization of cholesterol levels and insulin.
According to research conducted by the Federal University of Santa daily consumption of 330 ml of tea (with a rate of 50 g dry yerba mate per liter of water) after 40 days of consumption, reduced in about 10% of the level of cholesterol in the individuals tested.

According to several studies, the substance, which can be found in the peel of tangerine, grapefruit and bitter orange, has on the body a comparable effect to the fat burner ephedrine, banned in some countries.

Sineshrine blocks the receptors responsible for the sensation of hunger, which is reflected in reduced appetite, acting, moreover, on the central nervous system, increases heart rate and blood pressure, which is expressed in fat burning
White bean

The white beans ( white kidney beans ) is a leguminous food that contains an immense amount of enzyme and acts positively on lipid metabolism, while reducing levels

In addition, there are several studies that show that the extract of white kidney beans in a dosage of between 500 mg and 1.5 g ends up being a type of “blocking carbohydrate” naturally normalizes blood glucose levels after meal (2) .

The greatest enemies of the plated food bellyCalciumRecent studies of Military Medical University in Shanghai confirmed that a diet rich in calcium (1000 – 1300 mg / day) has a fat-burning effect, while the deficit of calcium (200-300 mg / day) accelerates the accumulation Fat (6) .


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