Venus Factor Scam-How to count calories?

How to count calories?
P or the table of nutritional information and calorie intake norm is a myth and how to properly set the caloric value of each portion of a dish. Degree of assimilation of food

How to calculate the energy value? Check Original Review Venus Factor Review

The calorie is the amount of energy that the body receives during the complete assimilation of food in the digestion process.

The measurement unit is kJ and kcal. The current use of the word “calorie” usually means kilocalorie.
The number shown on the packaging is rather distant reality of energy that the body receives the digest food. Moreover, this number is obtained mathematically, without chemical analysis.

Degree of assimilation of food
One gram of protein, such as one gram of carbohydrate contains 4 kcal and one gram of fat 9 kcal.
The most common is the manufacturer take the product composition, mathematically find the amount of nutrients and then also mathematically reach the caloric value.

The animal protein and the protein cocktails are treated with 95-97% vegetable protein, approximately 60% (2) .
Remember that the less you chew your food, the less it will be assimilated (the eaten whole grain corn cannot end up being assimilated).Formula of daily caloric norm


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