Joey Atlas Review-Latest medical research

A recent U.S. study found that people who are keen to read newspapers on a daily basis and regularly made up their strongest memory is larger than people who do not read them, and also improved their jobs and increased cognitive ability to remember places and especially remember things.
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The study also noted that people who are doing business refresher of the brain such as visiting public libraries and reading books and doing multiple plays some games such as chess and significantly improve their memory, especially when challenging in age.

Memory deteriorates faster in the last thirty months before death
Revealed a new U.S. study published the journal “Neurology” that human memory deteriorates further in the last thirty months, which precedes the occurrence of death is greater than eight to seventeen-fold compared with the memory of a person during any other time during his life.

The study pointed out that the types of various memory and thinking skills and cognitive functions descend dramatically over the past two and a half the last of a person’s life, stressing at the same time that these changes do not have any relationship to Alzheimer’s disease, but just some of the physiological changes that occur in the human brain, near the end of his life.


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