Modern technology to repair the bone using stem cells

A team of Belgian researchers to modern technology used in bone repair, through the use of stem cells from adipose tissue, confirming that they could become the standard for the treatment of a range of orthopedic disorders.

The researchers noted that 11 patients were treated in Brussels, eight of them children, were suffering from fractures or defects in bones, which cannot be returned to their bodies on the origin and repaired.
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The researchers explained that bone repair is by taking stem cells from the bone marrow in the upper part of the pelvis and injected back into the body.

They pointed out that technology laid the foundation stone for the center of St. Luke tissue and stem cell therapy include the amputation of part of the fatty tissue in the volume of a cube of sugar,

with the entry of the needle into the pelvis, and the concentration of stem cells is about 500 times, then isolate the stem cells used to grow bone in the lab, it is also attached to the scaffold solid and separate.


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