Truth About Cellulite-We publish the latest medical research

Takes you “seventh day” in a quick tour to see the latest Modern medical studies, issued this week, and scientific journals published more than American and European, and the credibility of the most widespread.

Focused many of the studies published this week on the problems of memory and cause degradation and methods of strengthening, especially with the high memory problems among the elderly, even among young people, where one study reported that reading newspapers on a daily basis and regularly strengthens the human memory and increases the ability to remember things and places, and especially When challenged in age.
Highful Information

The study indicated again that human memory is deteriorating dramatically in thirty months the last preceding death, where less than human ability to remember, and happen to him deterioration in cognitive functions, stressing at the same time that these symptoms are not related to Alzheimer’s disease, but it is just a glitch Physiology affects the brain before death.

And also threw one recent study highlights one of the causes of diabetes, which stated that some cosmetics, air fresheners and solid scented candles and some toys raises the chances of developing diabetes, because they contain phthalates, which proved it raises the chances of developing this chronic disease, which infects Millions of people around the world.

Regarding the impending exams and high psychological pressure on students, the recent study that yoga reduces mental disorders faced by students in high school and ease the pressure on their shoulders and improvement of the public mood have and remove the negative feelings they feel.


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