Joey Atlas Review-Anti-cellulite body wraps at home

For anti-cellulite body wraps at home you will need:

•    Shower gel or any ordinary body cleanser

•    Scrub, sea salt or any means for peeling

•    Oil massage with a warming effect

•    Cellulite cream, gel or self-mix for wrapping

•    Food (polyethylene) film

•    Cellulite remedy with a restorative effect

Honey mixture to wrap at home – Lovely honey has anti-cellulite effect wrap. Mix two tablespoons of honey with 4 drops of essential oil of lemon or grapefruit.
More Sources Available Truth about Cellulite Scam

But be careful before applying the product to the vast areas of the skin, lead test for allergies. The fight against cellulite – According to the results of different studies on cellulite complains from 80 to 95 percent of all women regardless of age and computer-lecture.

Therefore it is almost everyone who does not make him. Get rid of it once and for all is impossible. But smooth skin in problem areas – the result is quite real, but it will have to constantly maintain.

How? This is what we asked nutritionists, cosmetologists, and massage therapists.

About diet – From sugar and simple carbohydrates fat cells expand, increase and deform the skin. Highful Information

“From the diet is necessary to exclude the simple carbohydrates is white bread, potatoes and sugar, and replace them with so-called” good “carbohydrates – wholemeal bread and bran cereal and low-fat fish.


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