The most popular means is hardware massage for cellulite removal

Do not drink soft drinks and beer, and at night do not eat salt, it keeps the water in the body and triggers swelling. In problem areas, and so disturbed circulation, and this is one of the reasons for cellulite “- advises Joey Atlas, personal trainer Kimberley Land.
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Pro sports – If you just pump up the gluteal muscle, cellulite will not go anywhere, because the muscle is under the fat deposits, and the skin is deformed, fitness instructor clubs X-Fit, moreover, if the muscle to pump, you risk pinch the vessels and impair blood circulation, and this just contributes to the formation of cellulite. But exercise need – motion speed up metabolism.

About massage – The most popular means is hardware massage or LPG Skin Tonic. Both are built on the principles of vacuum massage.
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It is deep and painful, but effective. But if the effect is not supported, 2-3 months cellulite persists. Procedure must be the doctor who adjusts the mode depending on the state of adipose tissue. “The abundance of cove after vacuum massage is wrong and harmful.”

Subcutaneous lipolysis – At first glance it looks like a torture: thin diamond tipped needles are introduced into the problem areas at a distance of 3-5 cm from each other, and then fed to the needles alternating current that regulates the doctor depending on the sensations. Current just destroys fat, then do lymph drainage.


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