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Did you contribute to the sport in the treatment of cellulite?Joey Atlas Review

Sports best treatment for cellulite suffer many of the ladies of the problems of cellulite, which is a pools of water or fatty cause deformation of the appearance of the body or certain areas Kalerdav, causing a lot of anxiety, but the doctors have confirmed that it is not a disease actually or distortion of moral but is an inflammation of cellular tissue in body, Many More Information

which affects women in particular and rarely affects men of different nature physical. Described as the doctors cellulite obesity water, which is a metaphor for the gathering excessive amounts of fluid (water) in certain places and certain of the girl’s body makes her the Tnfaja and obesity,

which distorts the consistency of strong external and makes it is not satisfied and perhaps frustrated by these changes. significant difference  presence of more places and concentrated Cellulite is the rear and the thighs, hips and abdomen front page, upper back any upper rear area of the neck,

and gathering water in these places causes swelling in Skin appears pore clearly so that it is similar to the skin orange, and when you jump girl or going or moving quickly feel that something Atdj under her skin like separate from the body, and this thing is only vibrations accumulations of water under the skin of the rear or hips, which generates a feeling that there are loads of gels or Clearly, grouped in those places,

as reported by the newspaper confirms doctors also that” there is a big difference between cellulite that a metaphor for gathering water in the tissue, cellular and between fatness, which is a metaphor for the gathering and the accumulation of fats in the body’s tissues The whole arteries and cells differences between men and women.


Joey Atlas Review-Problem areas sonicated for active anti-cellulite cream

There is no need to be afraid: it is virtually painless. Just a little ticklish, and no damage to the skin is not all the same, very thin needles. Recently, researchers are working to use for laser lipolysis, which would be able to destroy the subcutaneous fat and improve skin condition.Many More Information
Vacuum plus! Skin Tonic on the unit several different nozzles for vacuum massage. Lymphatic drainage nozzle is removed swelling and problem areas with more stringent work attachment clips that capture and knead the skin and therefore fat immediately after the massage on problem areas sonicated for active anti-cellulite cream.

Unlike ultrasound in medical office this unit rays do not penetrate deeper into the dermis, so the exposure will not and cellulose will be less. Many modern devices combine several techniques, such as microcurrents and infrared radiation. But they have one goal – to destroy fat cells and smooth the skin.

HIPOXI – This option is not so long ago appeared in fitness clubs and some wellness centers and is suitable for the most active users. System looks like this:

put on a special suit like the astronauts suit, in which the problem areas that affect alternately vacuum, overpressure. In the suit, you can just sit or stand, but can best be addressed on a treadmill or stationary bike. As a result, go cellulite and overweight.

The most popular means is hardware massage for cellulite removal

Do not drink soft drinks and beer, and at night do not eat salt, it keeps the water in the body and triggers swelling. In problem areas, and so disturbed circulation, and this is one of the reasons for cellulite “- advises Joey Atlas, personal trainer Kimberley Land.
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Pro sports – If you just pump up the gluteal muscle, cellulite will not go anywhere, because the muscle is under the fat deposits, and the skin is deformed, fitness instructor clubs X-Fit, moreover, if the muscle to pump, you risk pinch the vessels and impair blood circulation, and this just contributes to the formation of cellulite. But exercise need – motion speed up metabolism.

About massage – The most popular means is hardware massage or LPG Skin Tonic. Both are built on the principles of vacuum massage.
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It is deep and painful, but effective. But if the effect is not supported, 2-3 months cellulite persists. Procedure must be the doctor who adjusts the mode depending on the state of adipose tissue. “The abundance of cove after vacuum massage is wrong and harmful.”

Subcutaneous lipolysis – At first glance it looks like a torture: thin diamond tipped needles are introduced into the problem areas at a distance of 3-5 cm from each other, and then fed to the needles alternating current that regulates the doctor depending on the sensations. Current just destroys fat, then do lymph drainage.

Joey Atlas Review-Anti-cellulite wraps

Continue massaging thigh alternately edges of both hands. Without weakening pressure, repeat these steps with the other leg. Just a few sessions of anti-cellulite massage you can get rid of extra inches, feeling high efficiency of this procedure.
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Anti-cellulite wraps – This is the most effective care to achieve results quickly. For best results, you must choose the right cosmetic.

Better that you took his professional beautician. For anti-cellulite body wraps at home using honey, seaweed and even chocolate spread in any case, you have chosen to remember the algorithm: first a thin layer of spray on problem areas, and then quickly applied over a cream-gel mixture impose ordinary plastic wrap.

More precisely, as if wrapped in her problem areas. In some cases the film creates a greenhouse effect and provides a deeper penetration of components means. And as a result – weight loss, increased metabolism, elimination of localized fat deposits, sagging and cellulite. But be careful: never apply warm-up funds for the region of lymph nodes.

Completion of the anti-cellulite body wraps – Remove the foil and clean the skin from cosmetic products. You can take a shower: warm, then cool.
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Wipe your skin with a towel and apply to the skin remedy for cellulite, you usually use. Choose a product with a tonic effect. Moreover, doctors believe that cellulite for women are normal; we can say that it is a secondary sexual characteristic.

Truth About Cellulite-Yoga protects high school students of Mental Disorders

A study conducted by the American modern number of researchers at the Faculty of Medicine, Harvard University that the gods have significant positive effects on the psychological state of the students at the secondary level, where indicated they delivered them from anxiety and mood disorders and reduced the negative feelings they have greatly.Click Here

The importance of yoga for secondary school students in two important, first, that this is the most stage surrounded by mental disorders in human beings as the study pointed out, and the second thing is that the students at this stage, they need to save them from the psychological stress during the studying and during their quest for excellence and get the highest grades, which qualifies them for the summit and colleges.

Truth About Cellulite-We publish the latest medical research

Takes you “seventh day” in a quick tour to see the latest Modern medical studies, issued this week, and scientific journals published more than American and European, and the credibility of the most widespread.

Focused many of the studies published this week on the problems of memory and cause degradation and methods of strengthening, especially with the high memory problems among the elderly, even among young people, where one study reported that reading newspapers on a daily basis and regularly strengthens the human memory and increases the ability to remember things and places, and especially When challenged in age.
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The study indicated again that human memory is deteriorating dramatically in thirty months the last preceding death, where less than human ability to remember, and happen to him deterioration in cognitive functions, stressing at the same time that these symptoms are not related to Alzheimer’s disease, but it is just a glitch Physiology affects the brain before death.

And also threw one recent study highlights one of the causes of diabetes, which stated that some cosmetics, air fresheners and solid scented candles and some toys raises the chances of developing diabetes, because they contain phthalates, which proved it raises the chances of developing this chronic disease, which infects Millions of people around the world.

Regarding the impending exams and high psychological pressure on students, the recent study that yoga reduces mental disorders faced by students in high school and ease the pressure on their shoulders and improvement of the public mood have and remove the negative feelings they feel.

John Barban-Standard daily caloric

First, the formula that defines the standard daily caloric has more than one hundred years.
Secondly, it defines the basic level of metabolism, after the calculation of which is necessary to multiply this value by a factor between 1.3 and 1.75, depending on the level of physical activity.Visit my Personal Blogs Venus Factor Scam

There is no single recommendation for this coefficient, so the accuracy of the formula ends up being destroyed by the method of selecting coefficient: to overestimate or underestimate the level of your physical activity, you may miss the account result in 20-30%.
How many calories are needed per day?
Studies show that daily caloric need varies even among people of the same sex with the same weight, age, body fat percentage and muscle mass, and this variation can be up to 20%.
The reason for this phenomenon is not yet fully unveiled
Before it was thought that the more muscle, more energy was needed to keep them. But it turned out that each pound of muscle needs the order of 15 kcal per day, which is negligible

Yes, strength training can speed up metabolism, but the mechanism that leads to this is still unclear.
That the composition of the food is more important than calorie itself?

Everything that has been written above serves to show you a simple truth: not a lot of logic to count the calories themselves, since the resulting value will be quite conditional.

The actual composition of the food is proteins and carbohydrates, and it is precisely this that one should pay attention.