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Truth About Cellulite-We publish the latest medical research

Takes you “seventh day” in a quick tour to see the latest Modern medical studies, issued this week, and scientific journals published more than American and European, and the credibility of the most widespread.

Focused many of the studies published this week on the problems of memory and cause degradation and methods of strengthening, especially with the high memory problems among the elderly, even among young people, where one study reported that reading newspapers on a daily basis and regularly strengthens the human memory and increases the ability to remember things and places, and especially When challenged in age.
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The study indicated again that human memory is deteriorating dramatically in thirty months the last preceding death, where less than human ability to remember, and happen to him deterioration in cognitive functions, stressing at the same time that these symptoms are not related to Alzheimer’s disease, but it is just a glitch Physiology affects the brain before death.

And also threw one recent study highlights one of the causes of diabetes, which stated that some cosmetics, air fresheners and solid scented candles and some toys raises the chances of developing diabetes, because they contain phthalates, which proved it raises the chances of developing this chronic disease, which infects Millions of people around the world.

Regarding the impending exams and high psychological pressure on students, the recent study that yoga reduces mental disorders faced by students in high school and ease the pressure on their shoulders and improvement of the public mood have and remove the negative feelings they feel.


John Barban-Standard daily caloric

First, the formula that defines the standard daily caloric has more than one hundred years.
Secondly, it defines the basic level of metabolism, after the calculation of which is necessary to multiply this value by a factor between 1.3 and 1.75, depending on the level of physical activity.Visit my Personal Blogs Venus Factor Scam

There is no single recommendation for this coefficient, so the accuracy of the formula ends up being destroyed by the method of selecting coefficient: to overestimate or underestimate the level of your physical activity, you may miss the account result in 20-30%.
How many calories are needed per day?
Studies show that daily caloric need varies even among people of the same sex with the same weight, age, body fat percentage and muscle mass, and this variation can be up to 20%.
The reason for this phenomenon is not yet fully unveiled
Before it was thought that the more muscle, more energy was needed to keep them. But it turned out that each pound of muscle needs the order of 15 kcal per day, which is negligible

Yes, strength training can speed up metabolism, but the mechanism that leads to this is still unclear.
That the composition of the food is more important than calorie itself?

Everything that has been written above serves to show you a simple truth: not a lot of logic to count the calories themselves, since the resulting value will be quite conditional.

The actual composition of the food is proteins and carbohydrates, and it is precisely this that one should pay attention.

Venus Factor Scam-How to count calories?

How to count calories?
P or the table of nutritional information and calorie intake norm is a myth and how to properly set the caloric value of each portion of a dish. Degree of assimilation of food

How to calculate the energy value? Check Original Review Venus Factor Review

The calorie is the amount of energy that the body receives during the complete assimilation of food in the digestion process.

The measurement unit is kJ and kcal. The current use of the word “calorie” usually means kilocalorie.
The number shown on the packaging is rather distant reality of energy that the body receives the digest food. Moreover, this number is obtained mathematically, without chemical analysis.

Degree of assimilation of food
One gram of protein, such as one gram of carbohydrate contains 4 kcal and one gram of fat 9 kcal.
The most common is the manufacturer take the product composition, mathematically find the amount of nutrients and then also mathematically reach the caloric value.

The animal protein and the protein cocktails are treated with 95-97% vegetable protein, approximately 60% (2) .
Remember that the less you chew your food, the less it will be assimilated (the eaten whole grain corn cannot end up being assimilated).Formula of daily caloric norm

Joey Atlas Review-Sport and healthy food are useful for bladder

Follow the diet and exercise protects the pelvic floor muscles of stress (German), explained the German Society of Urology, that weight gain and chronic cough and constipation cause stress the pelvic floor muscles dramatically, and then to the incidence of weak bladder, and recommended more frequent motor activities, as well as by a healthy diet in order to maintain normal body weight and to protect the pelvic floor muscles from stress.

The importance of eating foods rich in dietary fiber, as it works to stimulate the process output regularly and easily, thus reducing the load on the fact sphincter, and then it is the prevention of constipation.

The exercise of certain types of sports such as cycling, swimming walking or yoga, working on alleviating the pelvic floor muscles and strengthen them as well.
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The Society advises people who suffer from the weakness of the connective tissue themselves dealing with the prevention of injury weak bladder and urinary incontinence caused him through exercises devoted to the pelvic floor, as women should practice exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor also after birth sure themselves against the weakness of the bladder.

Joey Atlas Review-Refuses to give pregnant magnesium sulfate

Recent studies have proven that eating “magnesium sulfate” for long periods exceeding 10 days leads to deformities in bones, pointing out that proved that dealt with “magnesium sulfate” leads to a lack of calcium in blood, causing problems with bones of the newborn, as well as to distorted embryos.

There are tips guide for pregnant women before birth to help them overcome that situation, including the continuation of aerobic exercise, which works to train the muscles of the uterus, and to facilitate the birth process, in addition to maintaining a jogging for 60 minutes a day helps to increase women bear and deal with the pain of pregnancy.
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In addition to that some of the doctors who teach women squatting exercises for the birth, which helps to strengthen the pelvic muscles, which increases the flexibility of the vagina during childbirth

She went during labor can put a bag of warm water, which works to relieve pain and muscle extension, stressing that the water is warm, not hot, noting that the massage lasting, circular movements of the lower abdomen, leading to reduce the pain of labor.

How to get rid of skin cellulite

Orange peel thighs and legs would not be the desire of all women, but the problem of cellulite how good.
Eliminate Stress because stress prevents the elimination of waste from the body. Easygoing and practice breathing turned to body systems functioning properly.

Executive lean muscles Weights or Management may press against it. To help the muscles under the skin tightening
The lime help spread cellulite. Visit my Personal Blogs Truth About Cellulite Scam

By sipping lemon juice mixed with half water and half in the morning.
Use essential oils like Juniper innocent massage to help remove excess waste from the body. The rosemary helps prevent blockage of the lymph nodes.

That makes cellulite with less.
Drink more water the water will help flush out toxins in the body away.
Exercise regularly to achieve fat burning, fat and make them smaller.

Helps skin look smoother
A hand massage at the back of the knee or thigh, which is unable to exercise
May be used in conjunction with a reduced-fat sour cream or massage or individual
To stimulate muscle the blood flow and lymphoma Tissue fatty disintegration
Scrub the shower in the morning.

To the skin and allow blood to flow easily. Or maybe a warm bath to help improve blood
circulation to be easy.Must Read
Do not eat junk food diet soft drink alcohol. Instead, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, including foods such as eggs, fish, beans, various proteins to strengthen muscles.

Avoid smoking as it is to destroy the creation of collagen in the skin. It makes cellulite necessarily increase it.

More Information Physical development in children

The child’s skills on the coordination and balance in maintaining the stability and the stability of his steps, and that the child is between 12 and 18 months, will try to control his body while standing or while walking and will also try to sit on a chair or sofa alone.

As a child between 18 and 24 months, it may try to jump in the same place and help his mother in some simple household tasks.

Child starts in the period starting from the year up to three years in accommodating all senses of the five a look begins at the improvement that allows him to see long distances and also begins to distinguish between different sounds and translate its meaning which is important for communication between him and all around him.

The sense of touch is important not only to show the passion of the child but also for his education, for example, to get away from the fire.

Senses of taste and smell are the senses will help the child to identify which foods and foods that he loves does not love her as she had ordered, alerting to the presence of danger, such as the smell of smoke, for example.

Every mother and father should be well aware that the extent of physical development and physical growth differs greatly between the child and another with some constants,
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such as the growth of large muscles before any small muscles of the head and neck muscles by foot and fingers. The mother must also be well aware that the speed of growth of a child may even vary the speed of the growth of his brother.