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A recent U.S. study found that people who are keen to read newspapers on a daily basis and regularly made up their strongest memory is larger than people who do not read them, and also improved their jobs and increased cognitive ability to remember places and especially remember things.
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The study also noted that people who are doing business refresher of the brain such as visiting public libraries and reading books and doing multiple plays some games such as chess and significantly improve their memory, especially when challenging in age.

Memory deteriorates faster in the last thirty months before death
Revealed a new U.S. study published the journal “Neurology” that human memory deteriorates further in the last thirty months, which precedes the occurrence of death is greater than eight to seventeen-fold compared with the memory of a person during any other time during his life.

The study pointed out that the types of various memory and thinking skills and cognitive functions descend dramatically over the past two and a half the last of a person’s life, stressing at the same time that these changes do not have any relationship to Alzheimer’s disease, but just some of the physiological changes that occur in the human brain, near the end of his life.


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Takes you “seventh day” in a quick tour to see the latest Modern medical studies, issued this week, and scientific journals published more than American and European, and the credibility of the most widespread.

Focused many of the studies published this week on the problems of memory and cause degradation and methods of strengthening, especially with the high memory problems among the elderly, even among young people, where one study reported that reading newspapers on a daily basis and regularly strengthens the human memory and increases the ability to remember things and places, and especially When challenged in age.
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The study indicated again that human memory is deteriorating dramatically in thirty months the last preceding death, where less than human ability to remember, and happen to him deterioration in cognitive functions, stressing at the same time that these symptoms are not related to Alzheimer’s disease, but it is just a glitch Physiology affects the brain before death.

And also threw one recent study highlights one of the causes of diabetes, which stated that some cosmetics, air fresheners and solid scented candles and some toys raises the chances of developing diabetes, because they contain phthalates, which proved it raises the chances of developing this chronic disease, which infects Millions of people around the world.

Regarding the impending exams and high psychological pressure on students, the recent study that yoga reduces mental disorders faced by students in high school and ease the pressure on their shoulders and improvement of the public mood have and remove the negative feelings they feel.

Joey Atlas Review-Foods those are useful for your support

Red radish
This fruit contains small warm on the benefits of nutritional value. It is rich in vitamin “C” and helps facilitate the process of digestion and before that it contains a very small amount of calories.

Contain one cup of this fruit on a species ammonium thio-cyanate. It helps to increase the body’s production of enzymes that inhibit the action of free radicals. Actually strengthens the anti-cancer enzymes without other phytochemicals.

Broccoli contains the antioxidant compound known as which provides protection against the types of prostate cancer; to achieve major Hits Mix broccoli with turmeric. This kind of spice prostate protects its own, and become more effective against cancer when combined with broccoli, according to a Rutgers University study.

Asparagus dish contains more than 200 calories. Asparagus is also a good source of vitamin K, which is also rich in folic acid, which helps in the prevention of heart disease and reduces the risk of obesity.

Recent medical study has introduced the tomato fruit in the circle of interest, according to the study being effectively help prevent injury to human obesity through its work to give a feeling of satiety and preventing the use of a larger amount of food. The study showed that the reason behind this role of the tomato is rich compounds affects the rates of appetite hormones.

Green cauliflower or broccoli is a plant species of the Crusades, a group of cabbage, broccoli and rich in antioxidants that protect cells from damage and cancer, and contains ample amounts of essential minerals and vitamins. It contains one cup of broccoli on a small percentage of the calories (40 calories), making it at the forefront of the food used in maintaining weight and dieting.
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Broccoli also provide the body the required amount of vitamin C and vitamin A, folic acid, and returns the importance of vitamin C also in the reduction of some metals such as iron in it, which makes it in the form of easy absorption.

Modern technology to repair the bone using stem cells

A team of Belgian researchers to modern technology used in bone repair, through the use of stem cells from adipose tissue, confirming that they could become the standard for the treatment of a range of orthopedic disorders.

The researchers noted that 11 patients were treated in Brussels, eight of them children, were suffering from fractures or defects in bones, which cannot be returned to their bodies on the origin and repaired.
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The researchers explained that bone repair is by taking stem cells from the bone marrow in the upper part of the pelvis and injected back into the body.

They pointed out that technology laid the foundation stone for the center of St. Luke tissue and stem cell therapy include the amputation of part of the fatty tissue in the volume of a cube of sugar,

with the entry of the needle into the pelvis, and the concentration of stem cells is about 500 times, then isolate the stem cells used to grow bone in the lab, it is also attached to the scaffold solid and separate.

Venus Factor-Trans fat: evil to be avoided

Trans fat: evil to be avoided

Queue amount of Trans fat is dangerous to health and which foods you can find these fats? Why the fries decrease testosterone levels?

Different types of fat Articles Sources by Venus Factor Review

Broadly speaking, we can say that 90% of the fat in the food we eat belong to one of four categories. The remaining 10 percent enter the cholesterol group.

Trans fats
Monounsaturated fats
Saturated fats
Polyunsaturated fats
In this first article of the series “What is fat?” We will focus on the trans fats. Second – Omega 3 and fish oil .
What are trans fats?

To be more consistently, oils (e.g., cotton) undergoes a treatment process which makes them undergo hydrogen bubbles, which increases the shelf life of the oil itself, and the food products made from it. One of the most common examples is margarine.

Unfortunately, during this process the oil undergoes chemical reactions that lead to the formation of trans fats. Although they are also present in small quantities in natural foods, processed oils in it is ten times higher.

What is the danger of trans fats?

John Barban-Standard daily caloric

First, the formula that defines the standard daily caloric has more than one hundred years.
Secondly, it defines the basic level of metabolism, after the calculation of which is necessary to multiply this value by a factor between 1.3 and 1.75, depending on the level of physical activity.Visit my Personal Blogs Venus Factor Scam

There is no single recommendation for this coefficient, so the accuracy of the formula ends up being destroyed by the method of selecting coefficient: to overestimate or underestimate the level of your physical activity, you may miss the account result in 20-30%.
How many calories are needed per day?
Studies show that daily caloric need varies even among people of the same sex with the same weight, age, body fat percentage and muscle mass, and this variation can be up to 20%.
The reason for this phenomenon is not yet fully unveiled
Before it was thought that the more muscle, more energy was needed to keep them. But it turned out that each pound of muscle needs the order of 15 kcal per day, which is negligible

Yes, strength training can speed up metabolism, but the mechanism that leads to this is still unclear.
That the composition of the food is more important than calorie itself?

Everything that has been written above serves to show you a simple truth: not a lot of logic to count the calories themselves, since the resulting value will be quite conditional.

The actual composition of the food is proteins and carbohydrates, and it is precisely this that one should pay attention.

Venus Factor Scam-How to count calories?

How to count calories?
P or the table of nutritional information and calorie intake norm is a myth and how to properly set the caloric value of each portion of a dish. Degree of assimilation of food

How to calculate the energy value? Check Original Review Venus Factor Review

The calorie is the amount of energy that the body receives during the complete assimilation of food in the digestion process.

The measurement unit is kJ and kcal. The current use of the word “calorie” usually means kilocalorie.
The number shown on the packaging is rather distant reality of energy that the body receives the digest food. Moreover, this number is obtained mathematically, without chemical analysis.

Degree of assimilation of food
One gram of protein, such as one gram of carbohydrate contains 4 kcal and one gram of fat 9 kcal.
The most common is the manufacturer take the product composition, mathematically find the amount of nutrients and then also mathematically reach the caloric value.

The animal protein and the protein cocktails are treated with 95-97% vegetable protein, approximately 60% (2) .
Remember that the less you chew your food, the less it will be assimilated (the eaten whole grain corn cannot end up being assimilated).Formula of daily caloric norm