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Joey Atlas Review-Is it enough to walk to get rid of cellulite?

1 – If walking alone is enough to get rid of cellulite?

2 – What is the way you walk (fast medium slow)?

3 – and when I mean to you, for example, a day or once a week?

4 – and how much must be for you to walk a few minutes or an hour?
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5 – hour, for example, if you are required to walk without interruption or can be divided into time periods spaced?

6 – How much time it takes to walk this to get rid of cellulite, and when the first results start to appear?

7 – What is the best sport machine appliances to get rid of cellulite Mashaya or bike and when and how they prefer to use?

8 – Do you come back after you stop cellulite from walking or use of these machines and sports you return be tougher than it was in the past?

9 – What is the solution for those who cannot walk or maintenance on the sport?
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Finally, I hope to answer all questions 9 and be as simple brief does not depart from the scope of the questions and be informed and knowledgeable and experience, and thanks in advance to those who answer