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Joey Atlas Review-Anti-cellulite wraps

Continue massaging thigh alternately edges of both hands. Without weakening pressure, repeat these steps with the other leg. Just a few sessions of anti-cellulite massage you can get rid of extra inches, feeling high efficiency of this procedure.
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Anti-cellulite wraps – This is the most effective care to achieve results quickly. For best results, you must choose the right cosmetic.

Better that you took his professional beautician. For anti-cellulite body wraps at home using honey, seaweed and even chocolate spread in any case, you have chosen to remember the algorithm: first a thin layer of spray on problem areas, and then quickly applied over a cream-gel mixture impose ordinary plastic wrap.

More precisely, as if wrapped in her problem areas. In some cases the film creates a greenhouse effect and provides a deeper penetration of components means. And as a result – weight loss, increased metabolism, elimination of localized fat deposits, sagging and cellulite. But be careful: never apply warm-up funds for the region of lymph nodes.

Completion of the anti-cellulite body wraps – Remove the foil and clean the skin from cosmetic products. You can take a shower: warm, then cool.
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Wipe your skin with a towel and apply to the skin remedy for cellulite, you usually use. Choose a product with a tonic effect. Moreover, doctors believe that cellulite for women are normal; we can say that it is a secondary sexual characteristic.